Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why is RED BEAD Game useful tool?

Use this world famous learning tool to get beyond the words preached by the management, supervisors and the gurus of Total Quality Management and to...

Learn to live the talk !

... learn how to work together as a team to take action !

...start turning all that theory and rhetoric into practice...

eliminate waste & rework on the job

get more productivity from the workforce

go beyond customer service

have customers come back and back

provide customer delight without extra cost

what "pro-active" really means

when not to blame the willing workers

stop finger pointing in the office

get started in a TQM program

put new life in an old program

build an effective supplier relationship

For years now we have heard workers and managers complaining about everything from the taste of the water in the water cooler to the costs of quality returns. Many times customers complain as well. There have been management and worker programs of all types but for most organizations, nothing seems to work. Shouldn't we be looking for a Delightful Customer Experience ?

Well in order for an organization to be successful, the individual workers must be successful first. But they may not have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to be so without some help.

The RED BEAD Experiment is a tool that allows workers and managers and customers to unite using a common language to find ways to treat each other with respect; get beyond the old biases and to work as a team.

The result will be to find the red bead problems that are the causes of their: rework; the wasted effort; and the changes in mind that take away our profit; our worker satisfaction and push good customers away to look for another supplier!

It is a truly - win - win - win situation !

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