Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr. Deming - The 5 Deadly Diseases 1984

Watch and most importantly listen to this short video of  Dr. W. Edwards Deming's predictions about American management decline made in 1984.
Sound like what's happening today?

Some say that the Japanese miracle is over. But I am not so sure. Yes, they have been in a finacial holiding period for the past decade and yes, Toyota nd others have had some quality problems.

But I am not ready to count them out of the fourth quarter's goal line stand and win - with minutes to go.

Winning in business is over the long hall - not just a few - current events.

Ford Motor Company is doing quite well compared to the other companies in their business. What about Hewlett-Packard's success?

Maybe there is some truth to the concepts !

Some excellent reading mateials you should consider as required reading.

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