Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red Bead Consultant Directory Established

Red Bead Consultant Directory Established to provide Free Listing Directory to Qualified Consultants Worldwide
For Immediate Release
Riga Latvia, Cairo Egypt & Cupertino, California USA - 12 July, 2012
Michael Arthur Johnson Company, provider of the world famous Dr. Deming style Red Bead Experiment announces today the release of a Directory Listing Service. This directory is available to consultants that employ Dr. Deming's management principles and utilize the Red Bead Experiment in their work.

It will be an exclusive listing of the world's most formable practitioners ofDr W. Edwards Deming's management concepts. Referred to as Profound Knowledge, it creates a unique approach to management of processes and people that is applicable to all aspects of life, business and government. It is summarized in Dr. Deming's famous 14 points - Obligations of Management.
A short four (4) minute video summarizes the Red Bead Experiment and it's connection to Dr. Deming.

Free directory listing is available to qualified consultants. The listing procedure is quick and easy and may be found on the directory's Internet

For additional information on the Red Bead Consulting directory listing,contact: Mike Johnson - email: info @

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