Friday, February 22, 2013

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Looking for your recommendations for: books, videos, publications, reference materials, etc., about the use of the Red Bead Experiment and the implementation of Dr. Deming's Management Principles.

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My personal all time favorite, is a book available in paperback and on Kindle: Dr Deming - The Man Who Taught the Japanese about Quality - By: Rafael Aguayo. 

It is available on Amazon.COM,, and (click here or look for the ordering link in our new directory below)

Annoucing a NEW -- APP for Android devices (Apple APP coming soon)
this APP is very useful for consultants to find references to Dr. Deming's Management Theory and how to best use the Red Bead Experiment. Lots of links and pointers to where to purchase reference materials and videos, etc. It's all there in one easy to use APP

Download this APP on:  GooglePlay


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